PVC Compounds

CPC custom formulates PVC compounds to meet the demanding requirements of a variety of industries


CPC is a leading provider in urethane specializing in binders and rubber crumb binders for the flooring industry

PVC Additives

CPC manufactures stabilizers, thickeners, color additives, viscosity reducers, air release, and other additives



PVC is used in the automotive industry to reduce weight and enhance fuel economy. Other benefits include noise reduction, increased longevity, and cost reduction. Our plastisols can be used for various applications such as filters, car mats, and seals.


Commercial/ Industrial

Being located in the heart of the carpet capital, CPC first started producing backing compounds to the walk-off mat industry.  CPC continues to work with top flooring manufacturers to provide such items as anti-fatigue mats and carpet tile backing.



PVC plastisols play a vital role in the Construction industry. Products from geogrid to items such as street cones. Other applications are wallpaper adhesive and sound deadening materials.


Consumer Goods

Our plastisols are used for a wide variety of Consumer Goods applications from shelf liners to outdoor furniture coverings. Other applications include mats, non-slip sock coatings, and binders for carpet cushion.



CPC offers liquid plastisols for fishing lure and soft bait manufacturers. We have Soft, Medium, and Hard formulations. We also produce additives such as heat and UV light stabilizers to meet your needs.


Industrial Belting

Chemical resistant – antistatic - flame retardant - anti-microbial. These are just a few properties the belting industry needs. CPC plastisols are tried-and-true in the market. We can custom compound for any of your belting requirements.


Dip Molding/Closures

From caps to covers to cap seals, packaging plays an important role with consumers. Our expertise and custom formulations can help deliver high-performance products for any of your plastic molding applications.



Being a custom compounder allows CPC to serve a wide variety of recreation markets. From boat and RV flooring to playground coatings. Regardless of your needs, CPC is the answer.